Nana Agradaa proudly flaunts her packed church auditorium in latest video [Watch]


Nana Agradaa, repented fetish priestess who is known as Evangelist Mama Pat, has displayed the progress of her newly-formed church by sharing pictures of her congregation on social media.

Nana Agradaa recently established a church in the capital following her decision to ditch her deity for Christ. She has maintained that she will propagate the word and win souls for Christ who sent her to preach the good news.

On Tuesday, May 10, she published a 22-second-clip of their worship session that captured members awaiting her sermon.

“Thank God for today’s service,” she wrote.

Mama Pat has been spotted in viral clips delivering members from their bondage and also prophesying to her congregation although many are still doubtful of her repentance.

Assemblymember for Madina Social Welfare, McDonald Nana Yaw Asare who is better known as Romeo speaking on Bloggers’ Forum with Abrantepa called on authorities to halt her operation as a minister.

He argued that while Agradaa was a fetish priestess, she defrauded many through her money doubling schemes which she termed as ‘sika gari’ adding that she has brought a curse onto the land through her ‘mockery’ of God under the guise of a preacher.

“She has even formed a church and preaches on TV, social media and does all other things. It is as if there is no leader to call her to order in this country… If she is arrested, others will start making cases and people will have the confidence to follow. Now, it seems fraudsters can get away with their crimes in Ghana. She recently went to quote a wrong Bible verse, can you imagine? This is the level of unseriousness. We need a properly regulated front for churches in Ghana to streamline these avenues that have contributed to just anybody forming a church,” said the Assemblymember.




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